In support of preprints

Colleagues working on splicing factors in cancer:

As you may have read in the most recent issue of Science magazine (, there is a growing interest in the use of preprints to accelerate communication of scientific findings.   (Full disclosure: I am part of a group called ASAPbio, that is promoting this interest, organizing meetings, etc: see

I have recently begun to post our manuscripts on one of the available preprint servers, and I have found the process and the feedback gratifying.   One of our posted papers (  describes work that was presented at an earlier stage during the workshop we attended at MSKCC in October.  I am forwarding the link to encourage you to explore the world of preprints, which most life scientists (unlike physical scientists and mathematicians) do not frequent.   I believe that by alerting colleagues to posted work in their sphere of special interest, we can spread what I consider to be beneficial practices., even before we can become regular users of the open preprint archive that ASAPbio hopes to create.

Best wishes,